Client Requirements

  • Any web browser.

Server Requirements

WebbyFiles can be installed on a server in several ways. Depending on the installation kind that you choose the server requirements are different. We provide the Java version in several bundles in order to minimize the installation effort and requirements.

Windows bundle requirements

  • Windows Operating System

Server bundle requirements

  • Windows, Mac OS X or Linux/Unix Operating System
  • Java Runtime Environment

Standard Java™ version requirements

  • Any Java™ Application Server that supports JSP and servlets, like Tomcat, JBoss or Resin.
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL server, MaxDB / Sap DB and Firebird.
  • Java 1.3 or later (recommended 1.4).

Other Java™ Application Servers and Databases are possible. Please contact us for details.

PHP version requirements

Being PHP a de-facto standard language for web server scripting, WebbyFiles for PHP will work on the vast majority of web server environments. Currently it has been tested with the following configurations:

  • PHP4 or PHP5 scripting language.
  • MySQL database.
  • Apache Web Server or Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X or Windows Operating System.

It should work with any web server supported by PHP.
If you wish to run WebbyFiles on a different operating system, or you wish to use a different database or web server, please contact us.

Web-based File Sharing Software. For Java™ and PHP.